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Some feedback on the Cyclone Fuel savings!
I travelled from Bloemfontein to Welkom to my mom’s house and distance approximately 175k.  I had 211KM worth fuel in my car when I arrived in Welkom I still had 132km worth of fuel,  meaning that I used only 79Km of fuel .
With 211km fuel worth should have arrived home with only 36km worth of fuel left. I am really happy and enjoying my car
Thank u so much – D Mosebo – Bloemfontein

Fuel Savings with 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series 4.2 l diesel – Jan Bouwer – Namibia

“I would like to share some feedback on the Cyclone units that I recently bought for my 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series 4.2 l diesel.

I decided to have a roofrack mounted as I tend to always run out of space to pack. As you know this normally has a effect on consumption. With the track record that the 80 series Cruisers have and adding a roofract to the equation I thought that I would be lucky to get 4.5  km/liter.

Well, I was presently surprised after my first fill up. It took my consumption from 5.0 km/liter to a amazing 7.68 km/l.” Jan Bouwer Namibia

The Cyclone Fuel Saver™ is a non-moving vortex generator that is installed in the intake hose of your car or truck engine that is made out of high grade stainless steel that gives you better airflow, increased fuel atomization, efficient combustion, increase in power, reduction in consumption for sale in South Africa.