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Fuel Savings with 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series 4.2 l diesel – Jan Bouwer – Namibia

“I would like to share some feedback on the Cyclone units that I recently bought for my 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series 4.2 l diesel.

I decided to have a roofrack mounted as I tend to always run out of space to pack. As you know this normally has a effect on consumption. With the track record that the 80 series Cruisers have and adding a roofract to the equation I thought that I would be lucky to get 4.5  km/liter.

Well, I was presently surprised after my first fill up. It took my consumption from 5.0 km/liter to a amazing 7.68 km/l.” Jan Bouwer Namibia

Renault Stepway – It really works”. DERICK – SASOLBURG

“My wife drives every day to Benoni and back to Sasolburg for work. Total distance to for the day is 206 km,weekly 1030 km. I have read about the Cyclone Fuel Saver and decided to buy it to see if it really works. We installed one in my wife’s 2017 Renault Stepway and to our surprise she gets more km/lt and the 900 cc Turbo has more guts. Previously on a tank the average was 935 km and since the Cyclone is fitted the average is in the region of 1025 km, depends on the amount of traffic on the R59. It really works”. DERICK – SASOLBURG