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Hilux Raider 4L V6 4×4, Hyundai Accent 1600 – “great saving” P. COETZEE – BLOEMFONTEIN

“I have 2 cars I had the Cyclone Fuel saver installed. The one was a Hilux Raider 4L V6 4×4 – I normally get 6.5 km / Litre and with this Cyclone Fuel saver fitted I get 7.5 this was measured over a distance of 950 km. My other car is a Hyundai Accent 1600. Now on a 45 litre tank I get almost 50 – 60 Km more per tank. I do 4 000 km per month and that alone is a great saving. I am very happy with the Cyclone Fuel saver and what makes it even more pleasurable is the owner – Francois – thanks you are a pal!” P. COETZEE – BLOEMFONTEIN