30% saving. – M Du Toit – Standerton

“I fitted 2 fuel savers in my Ford Ranger 3.2 T6 Automatic and where I got 10km / l before I fitted the fuel savers, After I fitted, got 13km / l on normal conditions on the open road, that’s 30% saving. When I tow my caravan, Sprite Splash 2010, I tow at 105km / h on speed cruise and got 8.89km/l where I used to get 7.19km / l before it was fitted. I am very Impressed”. M Du Toit – Standerton

The Cyclone Fuel Saver™ is a non-moving vortex generator that is installed in the intake hose of your car or truck engine that is made out of high grade stainless steel that gives you better airflow, increased fuel atomization, efficient combustion, increase in power, reduction in consumption for sale in South Africa.