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Lexus IS 250 “powerful and very efficient” – Mongezi – Montana Pretoria

Morning Francois just wanna thank you for been so reliable. Honestly I was a bit sceptical but hey I didn’t know the product I was buying, so just kept my fingers crossed till it was done then took it for a spin and I must say the Lexus IS 250 drives much better, powerful and very efficient all thanks to (Cyclonefuel). Mongezi – Montana Pretoria

Hilux Raider 4L V6 4×4, Hyundai Accent 1600 – “great saving” P. COETZEE – BLOEMFONTEIN

“I have 2 cars I had the Cyclone Fuel saver installed. The one was a Hilux Raider 4L V6 4×4 – I normally get 6.5 km / Litre and with this Cyclone Fuel saver fitted I get 7.5 this was measured over a distance of 950 km. My other car is a Hyundai Accent 1600. Now on a 45 litre tank I get almost 50 – 60 Km more per tank. I do 4 000 km per month and that alone is a great saving. I am very happy with the Cyclone Fuel saver and what makes it even more pleasurable is the owner – Francois – thanks you are a pal!” P. COETZEE – BLOEMFONTEIN

“I was quite surprised by more power.” – D.Marx – East Rand – Testimonial

“I installed the cyclone fuel saver in my new Nissan NP200 1.6i and in my 2004 Honda CRV2L A/T. I could immediately feel more power coming through on my Nissan bakkie and Honda. I was quite surprised by more power. It is too new to see the fuel savings. Hopefully it is around the corner. I’m also installing one in my Mercedes as well”. D.Marx – East Rand – Testimonial